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For a very long time, I have been told that I should also produce content in English, so I decided that there was no suitable time to do it. This is a time when my business is expanding to the world, a lot because of the war and I thought it was also the right opportunity to start sharing content in the English language.

The current post is a recorded lecture in English of a lecture on the use of generative artificial intelligence tools, my philosophy, and the way to use them intelligently and create real essence and value for business. Attached are the two parts of the lecture, part one and part two in two video clips:

Part Two

For anyone who wants to get to know my various services, I have organized everything for you in one slide that is attached to the post:


אני- זהר אוריין, יועצת בתחום של חדשנות באמצעות דיגיטל וטכנולוגיות השירותים שלי : ייעוץ אסטרטגי לחברות ומותגים גדולים בניית אסטרטגיה של חדשנות דיגיטלית יצירת קונספטים למוצרים ולשירותים דיגיטליים חקר הטרנדים המובילים ושימוש במקרי בוחן מרחבי העולם

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